The New MyHomeworkSpace

Yesterday we released the new MyHomeworkSpace, but didn’t add release notes. Here they are:

  • Rebuilt MyHomeworkSpace from the ground up.
  • Redesigned Home Page
  • Added QuickAdd
  • Redesigned Homework View
  • Added Homework Descriptions
    • You can now edit assignments within HW View
    • New UI for completing events
  • Redesigned Planner
    • Complete events individually, not by box
    • New edit dialogue
  • Made “Settings” and “Help” in sidebar smaller
  • Added “Help”
  • Added background images
  • All new Classes View
    • Added teachers to classes
  • Removed Overview
  • Added inline help
  • Removed “Send Screenshot” from send feedback
  • New typeface throughout the UI
  • Rewrote the API Server in Go (That means that everything is faster!)
  • Changed GitHub Repos from MyHomeworkSpace/MyHomeworkSpace to MyHomeworkSpace/Client

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