MyHomeworkSpace 2.0.1

Just bug fixes and a couple of feature additions. Nothing much.

  • Fixed large text area modal bugs. (Sorry about that)
  • Added custom color backgrounds.
  • Fixed Safari and iOS login issues
  • Added alternate subject names in QuickAdd, for example, if you type CompSci, it understands that you mean Computer Science
  • Added Overdue Column
  • You can now automatically shade empty boxes, or boxes where everything inside them is complete.
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes to improve your MyHomeworkSpace experience.

The New MyHomeworkSpace

Yesterday we released the new MyHomeworkSpace, but didn’t add release notes. Here they are:

  • Rebuilt MyHomeworkSpace from the ground up.
  • Redesigned Home Page
  • Added QuickAdd
  • Redesigned Homework View
  • Added Homework Descriptions
    • You can now edit assignments¬†within HW View
    • New UI for completing events
  • Redesigned Planner
    • Complete events individually, not by box
    • New edit dialogue
  • Made “Settings” and “Help” in sidebar smaller
  • Added “Help”
  • Added background images
  • All new Classes View
    • Added teachers to classes
  • Removed Overview
  • Added inline help
  • Removed “Send Screenshot” from send feedback
  • New typeface throughout the UI
  • Rewrote the API Server in Go (That means that everything is faster!)
  • Changed GitHub Repos from MyHomeworkSpace/MyHomeworkSpace to MyHomeworkSpace/Client

A letter to our users

Dear PlanHub Users,

We have a new name!

PlanHub is now MyHomeworkSpace.

Due to feedback from users, we are changing the name of our product from PlanHub to MyHomeworkSpace. The website will redirect to our new domain, Please note that the new website will be MyHomeworkSpace will continue to function just as PlanHub did and we anticipate that this change will be permanent. All your data will be preserved, with no action required on your part. For updates on API calls, please see our developer website at If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the buttons on the app.

As always, thank you for using MyHomeworkSpace.


The PlanHub MyHomeworkSpace Team